Unchained Developers wish you a merry xmas and happy new year

last month was very successful, GBikes was at front places on google play, we have a lot of positive feedback and great ideas from you...
soon there will be some extras as thanks for your support.

for now we are preparing new version of GBikes, which should be available for Android and iOS as well.

there is also a new game in development and we will start to uncover some details in following months...

- fixed freezing while returning to main menu from tutorial during track preparations
- fixed music loops
- improved back button functionality in main menu
- prevent device to sleep during races
- slightly improved sound quality (better music compresion)
- fixed measuring on stopwatch
- some other minor tweaks

We are supporting international celebration of digital distributions, so until 1.6.2012, you can buy GBikes for 1 USD.
For more informations visit http://www.becausewemay.com/

Full version of GBikes has been updated to version 1.05

G-Bikes 1.0 finally arrived and brings some cool new features!!!

With Track Generator,  you will always get different track with different obstacles, so you cannot memorize it, and you must rely on your driving skills...
For new players there is Tutorial Race, where basics of game are explained..
HeyZap social network has been intergrated into game, so you can recommend game to your friend, and share your progress if you want to...
There are also some smaller improvements in game mechanics and UI...
several known bugs has been eliminated :-)

 G-Bikes is a futuristic adrenaline racing game, with extremely fast Graviton bikes on various planets in the whole galaxy.
The game offers entertaining gameplay, beautiful graphics, bringing mobile gaming to a new level.
Races have different and unique soundtracks throughout the game.
Minimum requirements are Android 2.2 with a 1Ghz single core (no Tegra processor required) on a phone or tablet.

  • 18 races on 6 different worlds
  • Ability to race inside and outside the racing tube
  • Bikes can be upgraded and customized
  • Easy controls and sophisticated game mechanics
  • Ability to configure graphics according to your mobile device
  • Platform independent Multiplayer mode (When PC version is released)

We are a new, independent team from the Czech Republic, and we would like to introduce to you our new racing game, G-Bikes. It will be available on Android Market and PC.

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